Sunday, December 19, 2010

JVL Wellness & Lifestyle Centre has just raised the bar in the Fitness industry again! Jacques and Angelique Van Der Linde, represented the company at two of the world’s most extravagant and prestigious fitness pageants in November 2010.
angeliqueAt FAME WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS they won the couples division making them the undefeated champions worldwide in this division and the first South African Athletes to be awarded this honour. The level of competition was amazing as competitors from all over the world battled it out in Las Vegas for the title of the 2011 FAME World Champion.
Jacques competed in the Pro Fame Muscle Model division as well and placed 2nd overall in this event. Taking into consideration the many well-known athletes in this division, this was an amazing accomplishment for him.
At the FITNESS AMERICA PAGEANT, also held in Las Vegas, with 600 competitors from across the globe, Angelique placed first in the Bikini line-up (a small but well toned body) and 2nd in the Figure division (more lean physique).
It was a dream come true for both these athletes to have graced the stage with the world’s best competitors.
JVL coupleThe media coverage on these two SA fitness champions was enormous and they really did the country proud as these accomplishments are a first for SA. The publicity of these events in the media was covered in 140 countries worldwide.
Because of the exposure South Africa received during the 2010 FIFA WORLDCUP, as well as the high standard of the couple's combined physiques; they were very much the talk of the audience watching these events.
To top off this successful trip, the couple was invited to meet with International Fitness Celebrity, Jennifer Nicole Lee and this meeting assisted JVL in forming strong international relationships.
With Wellness shops and courier services situated across SA the public can now consult with the world’s leading fitness competitors and achieve optimal results. Fitness lovers regularly contact this power team for special advice on their training programs, diets as well as lifestyle issues. Due to their passion for this industry it brings them great joy to pass the knowledge they have gained over many years, on to upcoming athletes in the industry.
Their vision for this industry is aimed at changing lifestyles and allowing individuals to love the life they were meant to live!